Norman Calder (“Stormin’ Norman”) comes from a long line of bakers, though found his career calling in the Merchant Navy, which he joined at age 17. He specializes in rustic cooking which was reflected in his bakes throughout Series 5.

Norman nearly backed out of participating in the Great British Bake Off but has been quoted as saying that by being a part of the show, he “hopes he had encouraged people to do two things -- try a bit of baking themselves and a bid for a place on the Bake Off show.” [1]

Norman released his autobiography in May 2016, entitled “A Taste of Norman’s Life: Recipes and Stories from Norman Calder” [2] and is a public speaker.


Episode 1: Cakes

  • Signature (Swiss Roll): Black Forest Swiss Roll
  • Technical Place (Cherry Cake): 11th
  • Showstopper (36 Classic Miniature British Cakes): Almond and Raspberry Mini Cakes

Episode 2: Biscuits

  • Signature (36 Savory Biscuits): Farthing Biscuits
  • Technical Place (Florentines): 10th
  • Express (3D Biscuit Scene): Zulu Boats at Dawn

Episode 3: Bread

  • Signature (12 Rye Bread Rolls): Rye Bread Rolls
  • Technical Place (Ciabatta): 4th
  • Showstopper (Filled Centerpiece Loaf): Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Picnic Loaf

Episode 4: Desserts

  • Signature (8 Self-Saucing Puddings): Mini Sticky Toffee Puddings
  • Technical Place (Tiramisu Cake): 8th
  • Showstopper (Baked Alaska): Baked Alaska with Strawberry Surprise

Episode 5: Pies and Tarts

  • Signature (Custard Tart): Tarte au Citron
  • Technical Place (Mini Pear Pies): 5th
  • Showstopper (Three-Tiered Pie): Pieful Tower

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