In Episode 5 of Series 6 (US Season 3), the bakers were asked to use alternative ingredients in each challenge.

Signature ChallengeEdit

For the signature challenge, the bakers were given 2.5 hours to bake a sugar-free cake.

The bakes consisted of:

Technical ChallengeEdit

For the technical challenge, the bakers were given 2 hours to make twelve of Paul's Gluten-Free Pitta Breads. This sticky bread dough uses psyllium powder as a gluten substitute.

The bakers were ranked in this order:

  1. Nadiya
  2. Paul
  3. Flora
  4. Mat
  5. Ian
  6. Ugnė
  7. Tamal
  8. Alvin


The bakers were given 4.5 to make a dairy-free ice cream roll.

Results Edit

Ugnė was eliminated and Nadiya was awarded Star Baker.

Quotes Edit

Tamal: "'Happy' is quite a big word to be using for something that looks like this"

Sue: "I've never watched a man, particularly a man of your stature, turn a calf quite as marvellously as the way you turned that."

Mary: "I think your lady needs to get a bit of sunshine to her."

Mel: "I love these hanging nuts."
Ian: "I had to put three on there. For obvious reasons."

Images Edit

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