In Episode 3 of Series 6 (US Season 3), the weekly challenge is bread.

Signature ChallengeEdit

The ten remaining bakers are tasked with creating quick breads without yeast. They are allowed to make their bread any flavor they choose, but the breads must be freeform and they cannot use a tin. Quick breads can be tough, since there needs to be an adequate presence of liquid in the dough, and can tend to get overworked; resulting in a chewy loaf.

Technical ChallengeEdit

The bakers have two and a half hours to create four identical, crispy baguettes. The recipe is basic: yeast, salt, water, flour. However, the baguette dough needs a high water content to produce the open texture the judges want to see. The first prove is critical, and some of the bakers fail to let their dough sit long enough or use enough water.

Paul ends up in tenth place, and Ian wins first.


The bakers are asked to create a 3-D bread sculpture. They are required to make three different types of dough; one of which needs to have a filling. They have a total of five hours to complete the showstopper challenge.

Alvin creates a cornucopia sculpture with a dozen different types of bread spilling out of it; Mel quips that he can open up his own bakery with the amount of bread he has. Paul Hollywood found each individual piece from his cornucopia "baked to perfection". Paul and Mary were also impressed with the 3-D sculptures from Paul, Nadiya, Flora, and Ian. Paul II even got a special shout-out from Paul Hollywood, who called his King of the Jungle sculpture "one of the best things [he's] seen in bread".

The judges are not so pleased with Mat's Brighton Pavilion sculpture, and don't like the flavors from Ugne's Easter Basket. Ultimately, Dorret receives the most critique from Paul and Mary, who found that her showstopper contained raw dough.

In the end, Dorret is asked to leave, while Ian ends up with the title of Star Baker.

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